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...and that's why I started using Akeeba Backup, children

When reading my Twitter stream, I often hear a fellow Joomlaist moan that their client didn't make any back-ups. Their client thought their hosting company would take care of that.

It's true that many hosting companies advertize that they back-up your site. Most of them probably do. But is it wise to rely on their back-ups only?  Are the many people out there using Akeeba Backup to create back-ups themselves (including myself) wrong or just plain paranoid?

There's a saying in Beerland that goes a bit like this: If you want something to be done properly, you should do it yourself.  Let me tell you a story of a time, when I still thought relying on my hosting company was good enough.

In the year 2010...

I was visiting one of our clients' sites when I saw something strange.  I had been in a hurry to upgrade Joomla! to the latest version (AdminTools didn't exist in those days) and I had placed the update files in the wrong folder. Which was no big deal, except for one site. I knocked the site out. 


I immediately sent a mail to our hosting company, explaining their situation. It was the weekend, but I was still hoping for a soonish reply, despite it being a Saturday night.

I didn't receive a reply that day. Nor did I receive a reply the day after - I started to worry a bit.  I managed to "fix" the site before the client got to see it - using an old local back-up, which I had made manually some time ago - but still hoped for the hosting company to set back the hosting company.

I didn't hear from then on monday, either.  Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday.  They never restored their back-up despite me asking politely (I swear!). 

That day, I realized I couldn't trust on my hosting company. And neither can you. Can you afford taking the "risk" that they set the back-up back a few hours later? Or are you willing to gamble on only "one" solution - "I'm sorry, Sir, our back-up servers crashed?"  

You shouldn't.  You should take care of your own back-ups. Back-up often, and to many different locations.  Obviously, I recommend using Akeeba Backup for this.  How you set up your own back-up strategy is up to you. Just make sure you have a strategy and act on it. 

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