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Headlines - February 13th

From time to time, we try to share the best bits of news we discover online. This is our first attempt to do so!

Box.net support for Akeeba?

Overheard on Twitter: Lead developer Nicholas is working hard to add another external back-up solution to AdminTools Professional. The new addition will be Box.net, the popular cloud storage & syncing service. This new option will complemet existing options like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Azure, and - simple yet effective! - your mailbox.

Transifex unveils new site

Transifex, the popular translation platform and an important partner to ATAAW initiative OpenTranslators,  has unveiled it's new website today. This is good news for OpenTranslators, who looked forward to some of the new features which will "help to encourage and simplify collaboration between translators. 

With features like translation discussions, optional automatisation using Google or Bing and the addition of Reviewers who can check translations and approve them, Transifex is quickly becoming a very valuable asset for (Open Source) projects who want to have their stuff translated in no time!

SquareOne RC coming soon

Jeremy Wilken, also known as @gnomeontherun on Twitter, is working hard on his light weight Joomla! distribution which he has named SquareOne. This ultra light package, which has removed all the fluff - this includes virtually all extensions that are installed by default - is the dream of many Joomla! fans.

They'll be excited to know that a release candidate of this Joomla! distribution has been announced. It' rumored to become available in the nex few weeks.

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