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Joomlareporters’ Hosting Report (Part One)

Joomlareporters’ Hosting Report (Part One)

Or “The definitive guide on why not to just buy any hosting.”


“Quality Hosting! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”

The hosting for a website is, without discussion, the most important side of any web project. You can have the best design in the world, with the best and easiest to use CMS. You could have written truly epic content that will put a smile or tear on people’s face. You did everything right. You nailed it. This is the perfect site. You’ve done it.

But no-one will see your perfect site if it’s not hosted anywhere. You will need a place to host your website, so it can be admired by the rest of the world. This is something you can’t work around, no matter how smart you are.

So, hosting is pretty important. That’s why it’s so strange to see that people often make poor choices when it comes to hosting - often deliberately. People tend to choose the cheapest hosting, or buy hosting from that one company they saw in the last NASCAR race. Because it doesn’t matter where you host your site, right?