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OpenTranslators welcomes 1,100th translator

OpenTranslators, an initiative of Joomla community members to bring translators and extension developers together, has just reached a new mile stone in it's short existence.


Help Joomla! create it's own Stackexchange Hub

Today, a "proposal" to create a Joomla Hub on Stackexchange has been generating some interest in the Joomla Community. Having a Q&A Hub on Stackexchange, which is probably by far the most popular platform for Q&A sites, would be a good thing for Joomla.

But we aren't there yet. Before we can turn this "wishfull thinking" into reality (Or a Beta-version of that reality) the proposal is in need of people willing to "Commit". Commiting basically means promising that you would use the hub for 3 months while it's in beta, and answer (at least) 10 questions.

Before the hub can go into beta, it needs a certain number of these "commits". We're only at 30% of the goal and could use a lot more commits. So if a Joomla Hub on Stackexchange is something you'd like to see (and use), find your way to Area51 on Stackexchange and "commit" yourself to support the Hub!

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Hosting Horroer Stories: The database that flipped me off.

It was another Thursday afternoon, of waiting for clients to finally reply to me, when I was told that one of our websites was down. I'm excused from not noticing this, because my colleague was in the middle of setting up our sites on MyJoomla.com ;-)

Anyway, I visit the site and I am visited with a nice jtablesession::store failed error. Joomla could no longer write to the _session table, which lead to a dramatic error - and the site stops working. The database flipped me off, while smirking at me.

The reason for this should be a lesson for all of you.


Review: Manage.myjoomla.com

Are your Joomla websites secure? There's no way to be sure, if you don't do a complete audit of your website. But where to start? Manage.myjoomla.com is a webservice that wants to answer that question for you - and we've reviewed it for you.


Siteground's interesting marketing math.

Editor's note: Siteground has explained the source of the problem, and has issued a solution (See the comments). This means that when you visit through a partner site, you'll always get the $5,95 offer.

Editor's note(2): Some changes has been made to this post, in light of some of the responses. I'd like to apologize if certain parts of the blog post offended people.

Every year, there seems to be a new "best Joomla! hosting company."  Rochen, Cloudaccess, Redhost... They all used to be the "favorites" of respected Joomla! members at some point in time.  And this fall, Siteground seems to be the "hottest thing since sliced bread."

We've already seen two respectable Joomla! developers who are now vouching for Siteground. When you visit their 'Hosting' page, promoting Siteground, you're greeted with some information about why Siteground is great. What immediately got my attention was the "Get hosting for $5,95 per month" button. I present to you: Exhibit A: (taken from Nonumber.nl, for the simple reason that was the last time I visited. No ill will here :) )