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Steven Zeegers

Steven Zeegers

Typical nerd who earns his money in the IT sector, who can't turn of the computer after works. Loves Joomla!, Gaming, Blogging, and is only slightly addicted to Twitter.

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Siteground's interesting marketing math.

Editor's note: Siteground has explained the source of the problem, and has issued a solution (See the comments). This means that when you visit through a partner site, you'll always get the $5,95 offer.

Editor's note(2): Some changes has been made to this post, in light of some of the responses. I'd like to apologize if certain parts of the blog post offended people.

Every year, there seems to be a new "best Joomla! hosting company."  Rochen, Cloudaccess, Redhost... They all used to be the "favorites" of respected Joomla! members at some point in time.  And this fall, Siteground seems to be the "hottest thing since sliced bread."

We've already seen two respectable Joomla! developers who are now vouching for Siteground. When you visit their 'Hosting' page, promoting Siteground, you're greeted with some information about why Siteground is great. What immediately got my attention was the "Get hosting for $5,95 per month" button. I present to you: Exhibit A: (taken from Nonumber.nl, for the simple reason that was the last time I visited. No ill will here :) )

Rumor: Awesome security feature for Admintools?

AdminTools, the ever growing Security & Utilities tool for Joomla might just become a bit more secure in the future. We overheard on Google+ (of all places) that Nicholas is working on adding Two-Step Verification by Google, which has just recently been made available for developers.

Two-step authentication adds another layer of security to your site. The feature is already available in Gmail. The concept goes like this: First, you log in providing your username and password. But you're not logged in yet! You'll need to also enter the pin code, which is send to you by SMS, before you can log in.

While this feature can sometimes be a nuisance (when your phone is somewhere else or the battery just died), we look forward to seing this security feature in a next version of AdminTools. 

JCE 2.2 takes "Images Drag and Drop" to new level

A recent Twitter poll learned us something interesting about Joomla! and it's Editors: almost everyone serious about Joomla! uses the insanely popular JCE Editor.  And with good reason, too. This editor takes editing your content to a new level, and sets the bar for all other editors.

That being said, JCE has just raised the bar a bit more, by adding a new dimension to the "Drag and Drop uploading of images."  Previous versions of JCE already offered Drag & Drop functionality - it allowed you to drag an image (or multiple images) to a window, and they'd then be uploaded for you. But now, there's more... 

Transifex moved to .com, updates domain

Transifex, the translation portal used by our friends of OpenTranslators, has recently updated their website.  The website itself has been changed (drastically). Both the looks, lay-out and certain ways in how the site works have been altered. In general, we'd say the update was a succes - although some minor UX issues were noted. 

The second change is of a different nature: Transifex changed the domain name from transifex.net to Transifex.com. This sounds like a minor change, but developers need to be aware of this change. We've seen reports of some developers using (custom) scripts that stopped working because they were referring to the wrong domain name.

All in all, we can say that Transifex made a new step forward. 

Back-up your local databases with ease

And with the help of Akeeba Backup Professional
and Square One CMS...

As a site builder or web developer, you know creating back-ups of your websites is extremely important. You make sure that you frequently create back-ups of every site. With tools like Akeeba Backup Pro it's ridiculously easy to do this.

But what about your development environment? If you are developping locally or on a server, making back-ups is pretty important as well. Making a back-up of your sites is pretty simple on most systems. But what about your databases? I mean, you could export them every once in a while using PHPMyAdmin, or install some 3rd party tool to get the job done. But have you considered using Akeeba Backup to get the job done?

Sourcerer - the Swiss Knife of embedding

Have you ever been asked to embed something in a Joomla! article? Something from slideshare, maybe a Youtube video or a flipbook on Issuu? Was your first reflex to search the JED for a plug-in that did just that? You might end up installing multiple plug-ins that way. Sourcerer makes most of these plug-ins obsolete.

Joomlareporters’ Hosting Report (Part One)

Joomlareporters’ Hosting Report (Part One)

Or “The definitive guide on why not to just buy any hosting.”


“Quality Hosting! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”

The hosting for a website is, without discussion, the most important side of any web project. You can have the best design in the world, with the best and easiest to use CMS. You could have written truly epic content that will put a smile or tear on people’s face. You did everything right. You nailed it. This is the perfect site. You’ve done it.

But no-one will see your perfect site if it’s not hosted anywhere. You will need a place to host your website, so it can be admired by the rest of the world. This is something you can’t work around, no matter how smart you are.

So, hosting is pretty important. That’s why it’s so strange to see that people often make poor choices when it comes to hosting - often deliberately. People tend to choose the cheapest hosting, or buy hosting from that one company they saw in the last NASCAR race. Because it doesn’t matter where you host your site, right?


Joomla! 2.5.3 shown multiple times after upgrading ?

If you have followed our advice, and upgraded as soon as humanly possible after we reported about the Joomla! hack, you might have noticed something strange.

If you used Admin Tools, you might have noticed that the Joomla! version number was shown multiple times in your website back-end. A strange sight indeed, but nothing you can't fix with some module surgery.  Here's how you get rid of those odd looking Joomla! 2.5.3 references in no time!

How to show a different module for each season

When you ask your clients what they expect of their site, they sometimes say the strangest things. Some time ago, one client had an interesting request. I wasn't there for the conversation but figure it went something like this.

Them: "We want to use an image of a tree on the top."
Designer: "Sure, no problem."
Them: "Great. We also want to change the image as the seasons change!"
Designer: "Ehmmm... let me see what I can do." 

After doing some research we found a way that makes this super easy to do.  It would be a shame if we didn't share that tip with you!  The trick is to use some module magic, powered by Advanced Module Manager by Nonumber. If you are insterested in finding out how to publish a different module for each season, then read on.

Update to 2.5.3, or be hacked (in 2 minutes)

Earlier today, Joomla! users were urged to upgrade to Joomla! 2.5.3 immediately after a serious vulnernability has been reported.  Following simple steps, a user could gain access to your site and do all sorts of nasty things to you site. If you're using Joomla! 1.6, 1.7 or any 2.5 version PLEASE UPDATE TODAY.

Maybe you're trying to postpone it, by saying "How bad could it be?"  Want a demonstration? Then read on.

Hacked under 2 minutes

To hack my own site, I needed the following:

- Firefox in combination with Firebug. This is VERY, VERY BASIC stuff.

- knowledge of the exploit (obviously)

- An editor to create a "Hack site". (Just a harmless site).

In less than two minutes, the exploit allowed me to gain access to the 2.5.2 site that I set up moments before.  Once I had access, I managed to redirect visitors to a (harmless) site I control.  This page doesn't do anything, but try using some imagination following the steps below.

  • Let's try to visit http://www.toralkoweb.net/joomla25nl , which is your business website.
  • What's that? That's not your Joomla! site. It's a hacker site! And it's kicking your puppies!
  • You're now panicking, worrying that ultra leet hackers hacked your site.

You'd be right to panick. Not so right on the leet part. Anyone could use this exploit to deface your site in 2 minutes. 

Update in less than two minutes

Know what takes less than two minutes, and which will keep your site safe? Updating your site to the latest version. We suggest using Admin Tools as it's the easiest way to do so.

He who hesitates, meditates on why he didn't do updates! 

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