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Steven Zeegers

Steven Zeegers

Typical nerd who earns his money in the IT sector, who can't turn of the computer after works. Loves Joomla!, Gaming, Blogging, and is only slightly addicted to Twitter.

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Attend two Akeeba Webinars for Free

Akeeba Backup - two times JOSCAR winner at JAB13 - is organizing two free Webinars in association with Siteground. They will be covering what Akeeba Backup does best: Akeeba Backup and Security.

MyJoomla.com launches notification center

MyJoomla.com, the service which lets you audit your website - and which offers you another ton of features as well - has just launched a new add-on - the notification center.

Save 70% on a .TV domain

If you've got a website that focuses on video content, you've probably already thought about buying a .TV domain (In case you didn't... you're welcome).

They are now on sale over at  Name.com - if you register a .TV domain name for ten years, you'll pay the registration price instead of the renewal price for the next 9 years. That means that, instead of 35 you're paying $10,99 for year two, three... and so on.

By taking up this offer, you'll save $250 on your .TV domain, which is more than seventy percent!

Now, we can't force you to go out and register that .TV domain you've always wanted, but... You might want to consider it. ;-)



Andrew Eddie resigns from PLT

Yesterday, it was announced in Joomla!'s favourite communication channel (Google Groups, where else) that Andrew Eddie is resigning from the PLT. Andrew Eddie, who had just recently rejoined the PLT, stepped down from his position because of "personal reasons." It is unclear whether / to what degree Andrew Eddie will remain active in Joomla!'s development, although most of his attention had recently been shipped to the fork-of-a-fork of the CMS, the Joomla Framework, of which he was one of the front men.

We wish him the best of luck, and would like to thank him for all the work he has put into Joomla!.


Joomla! event sponsorship in decline?

With slightly more than a month to go, the World class event Joomla & Beyond appears to be struggling to fill it's sponsor slots. On the website, several slots are still open, including the "main" sponsorships (which are the most expensive ones).

JAB doesn't seem to be the only event having a hard time filling it's (main) sponsor slots. It appears to become harder to find sponsors to fill in the "Big" slots. The reason beyond this decline in sponsorship? The events are most likely hit by the economical crisis that is still holding most parts of the world in it's grips. Bigger companies seem to be cutting down on expenses in all areas - not just the Joomla! World.

AkeebaBackup now allows Download ID Creation

Saying that updating a Joomla! site can be a hassle, is an understatement. Despite the new updater mechanism, many developers still take things in their own hands.

AkeebaBackup has always been a trend setter in Joomla! land, so they started offering the option of updating their components with a few clicks from within your site. For Pro extensions, this required a download ID. Until now, if you wanted to use the update functionality on client sites, you needed to use your main download ID - something I personally was never eager of.

OpenTranslators welcomes 1,100th translator

OpenTranslators, an initiative of Joomla community members to bring translators and extension developers together, has just reached a new mile stone in it's short existence.

Help Joomla! create it's own Stackexchange Hub

Today, a "proposal" to create a Joomla Hub on Stackexchange has been generating some interest in the Joomla Community. Having a Q&A Hub on Stackexchange, which is probably by far the most popular platform for Q&A sites, would be a good thing for Joomla.

But we aren't there yet. Before we can turn this "wishfull thinking" into reality (Or a Beta-version of that reality) the proposal is in need of people willing to "Commit". Commiting basically means promising that you would use the hub for 3 months while it's in beta, and answer (at least) 10 questions.

Before the hub can go into beta, it needs a certain number of these "commits". We're only at 30% of the goal and could use a lot more commits. So if a Joomla Hub on Stackexchange is something you'd like to see (and use), find your way to Area51 on Stackexchange and "commit" yourself to support the Hub!

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Hosting Horroer Stories: The database that flipped me off.

It was another Thursday afternoon, of waiting for clients to finally reply to me, when I was told that one of our websites was down. I'm excused from not noticing this, because my colleague was in the middle of setting up our sites on MyJoomla.com ;-)

Anyway, I visit the site and I am visited with a nice jtablesession::store failed error. Joomla could no longer write to the _session table, which lead to a dramatic error - and the site stops working. The database flipped me off, while smirking at me.

The reason for this should be a lesson for all of you.

Review: Manage.myjoomla.com

Are your Joomla websites secure? There's no way to be sure, if you don't do a complete audit of your website. But where to start? Manage.myjoomla.com is a webservice that wants to answer that question for you - and we've reviewed it for you.

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